Genève Aéroport, skyguide, SWISS, easyJet and Swissport prepare for summer 2019


Transporting passengers to their destinations, on time and in complete safety: this is the main mission of Genève Aéroport. To be prepared for what promises to be a complex summer, all platform partners have worked closely together and have developed action plans. Objective: reduce the impact of delays and ensure passengers a serene journey.

The summer of 2018 was marked by major disturbances. Several factors contributed to creating delays that had a strong impact on air traffic management. A lack of manpower in the European sky, stormy weather, short turnaround times, restrictions for political reasons or social movements can be cited.

With regard to delays related to the ATM network in Europe, Eurocontrol, the European organisation for air navigation services, has put in place measures to improve punctuality across the network this summer. These should assist in reducing delays by 30%. In view of this, Genève Aéroport and its partners have adopted action plans.

Skyguide is one of the few air navigation service providers in Central Europe to have achieved its punctuality targets for 2018. In close collaboration with its airport partners, it has prepared for the summer traffic while committing itself daily for the safety of air operations.

Additional reserve aircraft

Summer 2019 will be an operational challenge for airlines in Europe. In anticipation, easyJet will double its reserve aircraft in its network and will position two in Geneva this summer, instead of one. In order to absorb delays and limit diversions after midnight, the turnaround and the intervals between flights are improved. Finally, during the high season, the orange company will increase its reserve crew by 8%. The passenger experience is enriched with numerous services offered by easyJet's free mobile application; this year’s novelty: the cabin baggage scanner to verify, in 3D from smartphones, the authorised dimensions before arriving at the airport.

Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) is launching its « Precise » programme. This consists of a large package of measures, projects and investments aimed at minimising disruption to passengers. An additional reserve aircraft is being set up in Geneva and flight schedules that are particularly vulnerable to delays are reviewed. In addition, the management and technical teams are strengthened. The same goes for the employees on the tarmac, together with Swissport, to speed up the loading and unloading of luggage. Finally, proactive and preventive communication with passengers via SMS, Email or the SWISS chatbot is implemented.

Daily coordination

As an assistance agent, Swissport is at the heart of the irregularity management system and sees certain operational constraints accumulate exponentially on busy days. As a result, it is strengthening its teams in all operational areas this summer to improve its performance and support its staff. On the other hand, Swissport optimises its planning with work shifts that can be activated every day in key functions, and strengthens its commitment centre during peak times. Finally, support measures are provided to assistance agents: water distribution on the tarmac in case of high temperatures and preparation workshops to deal with stressed passengers to name just a few.

Genève Aéroport is introducing a new daily coordination process with Swiss and easyJet to identify difficulties on the network this summer. On the tarmac side, aircraft positioning is improved to shorten aircraft turnaround times. Finally, passenger information during important delays is improved, as well as management procedures to carry out the re-booking during flight cancellations.

Precautions to take

Before departure, travellers are advised to check with their airline the status of their flight and follow the situation on the Genève Aéroport’s GVApp application. In the event of disturbances, it is advisable to allow enough time to complete the airport formalities. As a reminder, some airlines offer the possibility to check-in baggage via the Internet or at the « Express Check-in » kiosks installed in the terminal.

Special attention should be given to security controls: preparing liquids in plastic bags or banning dangerous products will reduce waiting times. More information about travel advice on our website.