End of works in front of the terminal


The works on the platforms in front of the terminal, started in July 2010, are officially over and got their approval from the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA), in both the departure and the arrival areas.

The final stage of the renovation works of the platforms in front of the terminal was completed with the installation of the last traffic signs. Changes made during the five years of works have been validated by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA). Thus, the departures area will have the status of “meeting zone”, whose purpose is to foster a peaceful cohabitation of the various transportation means. For users, this means that the speed will be limited to 20 km/h. Pedestrian crossings will be removed; from now on they shall have priority in the entire area, and parking will be prohibited outside the places marked on the ground.

A particular emphasis on public transport and soft mobility
Soft transport modes are welcome in the meeting zone. A bicycle path has been fitted and two-wheelers parking offer has been increased: fifty new spaces are dedicated to the departure level, between the train station and the terminal, and thirty at the arrival level. Furthermore, two Velospot self-service bicycles stations are also available, thus allowing you to reach one of the Geneva Municipalities served by this network. Finally, the configuration of the bus station, at the arrivals’ level, has been reviewed to add six additional parking spaces, which allows to enhance the service by public transport of Genève Aéroport. 

All these changes are effective starting 18 October 2016.