Early shoe detection carpet


Genève Aéroport and SEDECT company have developed and installed an innovative tool to help passengers cross, without delay, the security control passage towards the boarding gates. Under the unassuming look of a simple carpet, this equipment is featuring a cutting-edge technology that detects metals in shoes. It tells passengers if they should get their shoes off or not.

Mandatory passage between the public area and the reserved area, the airport “filter points” (control of passengers and their carry-on baggage) can generate congestion at peak hours. This is particularly the case when the magnetic gate beeps when detecting a metal mass in the passengers’ shoes. Travellers then must turn back, take off their shoes and go through the gate again. This counter-flow is slowing down the fluidity passage fluidity.

The early detection carpet

In order to provide an answer to this problem, Genève Aéroport has joined forces with the Swiss company SEDECT to develop a detection carpet informing passengers, while they are still queuing, that their shoes will trigger an alarm. A seat, opportunely placed there, allows them to remove their shoes, to pass them through the X-Ray tunnel and to recover them on the other side without going back.

In addition to the planned time saving, the comfort of passengers will increase as they will thus avoid to beep at the gate as well as to possibly have a personal search. Regarding Security officers, the decrease in the number of personal searches will also have an impact on their health as unnecessary searches during which they must constantly bend down and get up will be spared. 

This unique product is an innovation that Genève Aéroport and its industrial partner are proud to implement on all their safety control points.