Employees of Genève Aéroport did 14,563 km by bike


Record of participants for the 10th participation of Genève Aéroport to Bike to work.

This action is organised every year in June by PRO VELO Switzerland. Its purpose is to promote the use of the bicycle, a convenient, healthy and environmentally friendly means of transport to get to work.

This year, 72 employees of Genève Aéroport did 14,563 km by bike on their home-to-work route. Swissport and Skyguide also participated in this action, with 18 and 72 members, respectively. To accomplish this goal, Genève Aéroport offered all participants a revision of their bike.

To meet the growing demand throughout the year, Genève Aéroport has installed at the beginning of the year 90 additional bike parking spaces, as well as a pump for cyclists.