Calibration of noise absorber


The new noise absorber hall will be commissioned soon. Located in the West of the platform, in the aircraft maintenance sector, it was designed specifically for running engine tests.

This noise absorber is a major development for Genève Aéroport. It allows to significantly improve protection of local residents against the noise. So far these tests have been conducted in the open air.

Before commissioning, federal authorities have asked that a calibration campaign be conducted. It consists in measuring sound levels inside and outside the airport, while engine tests are ran in real conditions in the hall.
To avoid interferences due to other sources of noise, measurements will take place at night.

The noise absorber calibration campaign will take place during the night of 28-29 June. 

In case of adverse weather conditions (rain, excessive wind), it will be postponed to the night of 29-30 June or 30 June-1 July.