The Board of Directors of the Genève Aéroport actively supports the recommendations of the Court of Auditors


The Board of Directors of the Genève Aéroport took note of the summary examination of the tendering procedure regarding Genève Aéroport’s security services, issued this morning by the Court of Auditors. Genève Aéroport considers itself wronged in this case and files a complaint.

First, the Board recalls that the Board of Directors itself mandated the Court of Auditors on 24 January 2019 to carry out a review of the tendering procedure for security services, as well as to carry out an assessment of the quality of actions taken by the General Management in response to rumours of conflicts of interests relating to such tendering. In its summary report, the Court of Auditors invites the Board of Directors to take four actions, listed in its press release:

  • decide on the actions to be taken in terms of human resources in order to restore an appropriate ethical culture within Genève Aéroport; 
  • act to ensure that Genève Aéroport staff are trained on the risks of conflicts of interests and corruption and that they embrace the ethical values set out by Genève Aéroport in its guidelines; 
  • request a detailed analysis of the contractual relations concluded by the Security Department; ensure that internal alerts are handled diligently. 

The Board held an extraordinary midday meeting on 16 May and examined this report and the recommendations of the Court of Auditors. 

It welcomes the actions recommended by the Court of Auditors and has decided to actively support these recommendations. The work undertaken over the past several months is ongoing and will include the implementation of actions to fully address these four requests. The Court of Auditors has set August 2019 as deadline for the Board of Directors of the Genève Aéroport. This deadline will, of course, be respected.

At the same meeting, the Board of Directors of the Genève Aéroport decided to mandate an independent private company to conduct a thorough internal investigation with respect to the tendering processes and their application. This mandate is intended to shed light on responsibilities and shortcomings in the implementation of internal guidelines for public tenders. It will take place as soon as possible and in parallel with the two criminal investigations of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Canton of Geneva. On another note, Genève Aéroport considers itself wronged in this case and files a complaint.

The Board recalls that Genève Aéroport’s operational activities are not affected by the current exceptional situation. The General Management fully assumes its responsibilities. The airport’s operational activities are carried out under normal conditions, and passengers’ safety is not affected. 

Actions concerning the organisation of the security department have been implemented to restore serenity for the employees affected by these events. 

The Board wishes to express its support and to reconfirm its confidence in the General Management. It recalls that a whole series of actions have been taken following the arrival of André Schneider in 2016, particularly to improve governance and procedures for awarding contracts and the management of projects. The Court of Auditors welcomed this work in its annual activity report, published in September 2018. Today, the Board and the General Management intend to move forward together and deploy the necessary actions to preserve the interest of Genève Aéroport.

Genève Aéroport reminds that it supports the work of the justice and will not comment on ongoing investigations. Genève Aéroport strongly condemns any action contrary to the public interest. The Board of Directors expresses its support to all employees affected by the recent events.


The Board of directors is composed of: Mrs Corine Moinat, President, Mr Pierre Bernheim and Mr Stanislas Zuin, Vice-Presidents, Mr Michel Fabre, Mrs Karin Perraudin.