Genève Aéroport's 2014 balance sheet allows it to look to the future with confidence


Genève Aéroport ended the 2014 financial year with a turnover of 403.8 million francs, enabling it to show a profit of 88.3 million francs, while still increasing investment to 110 million francs.

Corine Moinat, Chair of the Administrative Board, and Robert Deillon, Managing Director of Genève Aéroport, released the 2014 annual report and financial statement on Monday, 30 March 2015.

Genève Aéroport generated sales turnover of 403.8 million Swiss francs in 2014 (+7.3% compared with 2013), enabling it to show a profit of 88.3 million francs, while investments were increased to 110 million francs.

"These figures are all the more satisfactory for airport Management in that the improved financial results are accompanied by more services to our passengers and establish a qualitative improvement at Genève Aéroport that is still driving the actions we undertake", says Robert Deillon.

Aeronautical revenues (landing fees, passenger fees, etc.) account for 53.8% of total revenues; non-aviation revenues (commercial fees, car parks, rents, etc.) for their part are equivalent to 46.2% of total airport revenues.

Half of Genève Aéroport's profits, or 44.15 million francs, will be remitted to the State of Geneva.

As a reminder, on 31 December 2014, Genève Aéroport had passed the 15 million passengers mark with a total 15,152,915 travellers (or 5% more than in 2013). Over the same period, scheduled aviation movements increased by 3.8%, while the sharp drop in the number of general aviation movements limited the overall increase to 0.62%.

2014 was characterized by a growth in connectivity from Geneva, which was connected by direct flights to 134 airports (108 in Europe, 26 in other continents) in 46 countries, provided by some 57 airlines, 41 of them European. The airlines competing for the top five places in terms of market share are easyJet (41.85%), SWISS (15.19%), Air France (4.70%), British Airways (4.59%), and Lufthansa (4.0%).

Appointed Chair of the Administrative Board of Genève Aéroport on 1 January 2015, Corine Moinat welcomed these results with satisfaction: "I am seeing a healthy financial position. This allows us to contemplate with confidence the investments that are essential if we are to meet the challenges that await the airport to enable it to continue to drive the economic, tourist, financial and diplomatic activity of Geneva and the region", she said.

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