André Schneider wins Travel Personality Award 2019


The Chief Executive of Genève Aéroport, André Schneider, was elected Personality of the year 2019 on Thursday 19 September by TRAVEL INSIDE, the professional tourism newspaper. The award was presented at a ceremony at the Montreux Music & Convention Centre. 

Interview with Dominique Sudan, chief editor of TRAVEL INSIDE. 

What is the objective of the Travel Personality Award?

This award recognises an individual who has in some way made a contribution to the travel industry. 

How does the selection process take place?

An initial list of six candidates is created based on different criteria such as intelligence, strategic vision, entrepreneurial spirit, professionalism, commitment to the development of the tourism industry, etc. The list is then submitted to the readers of TRAVEL INSIDE to be voted on during the summer. The three people with the most votes are then presented to a jury made up of five tourism professionals, who make the final decision. 

Why was André Schneider chosen this year?

Since he became Chief Executive in September 2016, André Schneider has redefined the priorities of Genève Aéroport. He has given a boost to numerous projects that are absolutely necessary for the airport platform, such as the new Baggage Sorting Centre. 

The improved fluidity at security checks, the expansion of the main terminal, the new East Wing project are strong arguments that convinced the jury to vote unanimously. And we must not forget his strong commitment to sustainable development. He has also been maintaining a meaningful dialogue with tourism professionals for several years, which is greatly appreciated. 

André Schneider is the 6th person to hold the Travel Personality Award. How does he stand out from his predecessors? 

In fact, the Chief Executive of Genève Aéroport succeeds Jacqueline Ulrich (L’Esprit du Voyage, 2018) and David Léchot (Indalo Space, 2017). In the past, the laureates’ commitment to youth training or to associations was the deciding factor. This time, it is the actions of a man at the head of a strong company of 1’100 employees, the real economic driver for his region and his industry, that is commended.