Adoption of the Sectoral Aviation Infrastructure Plan sheet (SAIP): a milestone in the history of Genève Aéroport


Genève Aéroport welcomes the adoption this morning by the Federal Council of the sheet of the Sectoral Aviation Infrastructure Plan (SAIP) for Geneva. This document now serves as a framework for the evolution of the airport platform and its future operation. The SAIP sheet allows the airport to continue sustainable operation and development that takes account of the needs in the fields of economy and neighbours and environment protection. It coordinates the airport development with the Cantonal Structure Plan.


On the eve of its centenary, Genève Aéroport is pleased to welcome the approval by the Federal Council of the SAIP sheet for Geneva. This document sets out the framework for the development and operation of the airport platform by 2030. It also coordinates the public policies of the Federal and Cantonal authorities concerning the future of the airport. 

In particular, the SAIP sheet records the infrastructure adaptation programme (passenger flows, baggage and aircraft) in a specific context and thus facilitates the realisation of future investments. Genève Aéroport has committed more than CHF 125 million in investments in 2017 to better accommodate passengers. In the last two years, over CHF 30 million has been invested to improve the airport’s environmental footprint. 

The SAIP sheet formulates the compelling goal of reducing the noise footprint. As a first step, noise will be limited. Subsequently, it will decrease to reach the goal presented in the SAIP. The reduction in noise pollution by 2030 is an ambitious goal, but Genève Aéroport considers it important and necessary for a sustainable development and the respect of its neighbours. 

For more information: André Schneider, General Manager of Genève Aéroport