CHF 64'000 for the Geneva Red Cross


The night race attended by the employees of Genève Aéroport on the night of 15 to 16 last September helped raise more than CHF 64'000 for the Geneva Red Cross. Payments from their sponsorship brought together CHF 16'942, while Genève Aéroport could provide CHF 50'000.

On the night of 15 or 16 September, the employees of all the airport platform attended a sport event for which they could be sponsored per kilometre. The money raised was for the Geneva Red Cross. The account, opened for 1 month after the event, thus gathered CHF 16'942!

For its part, Genève Aéroport had requested several sponsors (1) to participate in the budget of this event. The support of these sponsors was extremely valuable because it allowed Genève Aéroport to free CHF 50'000, that it was thus able to make available to the Geneva Red Cross

Altogether, the event of 15 September generated CHF 66'942 in favour of disadvantaged people of the Canton of Geneva. 

(1) Genève Aéroport has been financially supported by the following partners: Albinati Aéronautics, BTEE SA, Commerces de l'Aéroport, dnata, easyJet, Geneva Airpark, GFS, Holdener Architectures, ISS, Jet Aviation, MSC Aviation, Palexpo, Priora, Qatar Airways, RUAG, Saraco SA, SITA, skyguide, SUVA, SWISS, Swiss Canonica, Swissport, SZ Informatique, TAG Aviation and Valais Water, the City of Geneva