At Genève Aéroport, we even recycle the rubble


A few days ago, the P48 aircraft parking lot welcomed its first aircraft after eleven months of work. 6000m3 of materials were recycled as part of its rehabilitation. A very concrete example of a sustainable construction site at Genève Aéroport.

Everything is recycled, nothing is lost. Even on the construction sites! At Genève Aéroport, each project is subject to detailed environmental monitoring. Objective: to ensure the protection of soil, air and water, while limiting the production of waste. Mission accomplished for the P48 construction site, located near the Ferney-Voltaire tunnel. « Rehabilitating a 45,000m2 space in eleven months was a challenge. Achieving environmental objectives in addition is a real satisfaction », says Michaël Guidon, Project Manager and Civil Engineer at Genève Aéroport.

The objective of this site, which cost a total of 12 million francs, was to restore the weakened and worn-out pavement of this parking area. Huge machines came to scrape the asphalt and gravel from the parking lot. But instead of throwing away all these materials, they were crushed and reused on site. « A part has been replaced in the same place, thus forming an « underlay » for the current bitumen. Another one was used, in particular, to rebuild the airport’s service road », explains Michaël Guidon. There are several environmental benefits: transport linked to the disposal of old materials and to the supply of new products is avoided. Recycled concrete was also used to coat the site’s underground pipes.

Preserving the orchids

Another sustainable aspect of this major project is that the entire topsoil released during the works, 1200m3, was reused on site or elsewhere on the platform. It should be noted that the airport area is the largest « flora priority site » in the canton of Geneva thanks to the many rare species that grow in its meadows. « The seeds of rare plants have been set aside for conservation. About forty wild orchids have been replanted in a dedicated area of the airport», says Sophie Meisser, Environmental Manager.  

Finally, LED lights have been installed in this giant parking area. Less energy consuming, they allow more efficient lighting while reducing the generated light pollution.