Genève Aéroport renews its Airport Carbon Accreditation certificate


Genève Aéroport is pleased to have obtained the renewal of its level- 3 (optimization) Airport Carbon Accreditation certificate, which it was awarded last year. Airport Carbon Accreditation is a certification programme established by ACI Europe to promote sound management of greenhouse gas emissions.

The certification standard assesses and recognizes the efforts of airports to manage and reduce their carbon emissions with four levels of award: mapping, reduction, optimization and neutrality. Level 1 requires carbon footprint measurement, determining the airport’s emission sources and calculating its annual greenhouse gas emissions.  At level 2, the airport has to set and attain a reduced carbon footprint goal. At level 3, it has to include in its carbon footprint emissions linked to aircraft (landing and take-off), induced traffic (passengers and employees) and business travel. The stakeholders also have to integrate carbon reduction goals. Lastly, level 4 requires the airport to offset its emissions in order to be carbon-neutral.


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