Genève Aéroport publishes its first sustainable development report


The sustainable development report summarizes the tasks assigned to airport management, puts them in the context of the logic of dialogue established with its partners and stakeholders, while making clear the corporation's social, environmental and economic policy. This document brings out the values upon which the airport's action is based.

The environmental and social reports, published on a regular basis in the past by Genève Aéroport, broadly helped to identify the corporation's expertise in matters relating to the environment, its energy policy, the protection of nature and local residents, occupational health and safety, social issues, its human resources policy, and also its skills management.
Merging these two existing media equips the corporation with a new tool that addresses many other topics and enables it, in particular, to better get across what it is continuing to do in these various areas.

Across the different divisions that constitute the corporation, the sustainable development report provides consistency between the various initiatives undertaken in these areas. The document also helps to better define Genève Aéroport's corporate culture.
Published at a time when the airport is confirming, by many actions, its willingness to become a permanent part of the economic, industrial, diplomatic, social, and cultural landscape that it helps to shape, the sustainable development report builds bridges with the representatives of those diverse circles and clarifies its policies and values in the eyes of the representatives of civil society to whom the corporation is open.

The sustainable development report draws up an inventory of the principles, charters, laws and regulations that govern the airport's actions. As such, it is an educational compilation for all those who wish to better understand the objectives assigned to it, how it functions, its governance, and its interactions with the entities that revolve around its periphery.

The sustainable development report, which will be reviewed on a regular basis, contains the key figures and key information useful to anyone wanting to improve their knowledge of how the airport functions and its impact on the vast border region to the service of which it is dedicated.
The sustainable development report is available online at the following address: (under the headings institutional and environmental publications)

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