Genève Aéroport modernises its car parks


A new technology is being applied to optimise the service to customers and improve facilities.

Started in 2010, the works to repair the viaduct and the platforms in front of the terminal are moving ahead at a pace in line with that originally planned, and should be completed in 2016.
In order to limit the adverse effects of the works on the comfort of users of the airport infrastructure, the car parks service ran a project in parallel to entirely rework its management system.

Inspired by the latest technologies, the new terminals, barriers and counters of the various car parks managed by Genève Aéroport will replace the former installations, which have become obsolete.
Faster and more reliable, the new system will enable the airport authorities to offer their customers better-quality services, while at the same time making it possible to combat vehicle theft and the possibility of fraud by dishonest users.
The new system, which is being introduced gradually, is already operational in the P 26 (Palexpo) and P 51 (long-term) car parks, and also in the P 43 and P 44 (Cargo) car parks. It will be fully operational by the end of June in the main P 1 car park fronting the terminal.

The Management of Genève Aéroport apologises in advance to users of those car parks for any inconvenience during the transition phase.
Since the waiting time to enter the car parks may be several minutes longer, travellers coming to the airport by car are advised to take all the necessary precautions not to be late.
Those who have to check in hold baggage are advised to arrive in the terminal at least two hours before their flight takes off.

This modernisation of the management of the car-park infrastructure comes at a time when Genève Aéroport has been able recently to increase the number of available spaces as a result of the purchase of the P26 car park (under Palexpo hall 7).
Nevertheless, at certain periods of the year, the car parks are sometimes full; so it is still advisable to give preference to public transport (trains, shuttle buses, buses 5, 10, 23, 28, 57, F, Y) for travel to the airport.

By way of a reminder, travellers leaving from Genève Aéroport who have to come by car can be sure of finding a space by booking it via the ResaPark service ( or via the Valet Parking service.
On that point, the Management of Genève Aéroport would remind you that the only Valet Parking operator officially authorised to offer services on the airport is EuropCar. Management accepts no responsibility in relation to illicit operators offering services around the airport.