Genève Aéroport inaugurates the 'Kiss and Fly' system


A drop-off area will be inaugurated tomorrow at the Departures level, allowing passengers arriving by car to be dropped off as close as possible to the terminal building and to make their way inside quickly and safely.

Overseen jointly by the Department of Urban Development and Genève Aéroport, work continues on renovations to the viaduct and platforms in front of the terminal building. With the resulting infrastructure changes, it recently became possible to set aside a space for passenger drop-offs.

This “Kiss & Fly” system will become operational on 20 December 2012.

Temporary signs guide drivers dropping off passengers to one of three parallel lanes set up at the Departures level, right in front of the terminal building. The lanes are separated from each other by pedestrian pathways, allowing passengers to get out of the vehicle, take their luggage and walk the few steps to the terminal in complete safety while the driver leaves.

As the name indicates, the “Kiss & Fly” arrangement is not intended for parking, not even for a brief period. It does, however, allow drivers to deposit passengers at the best place and in the best conditions … with just enough time for a good-bye kiss before take-off!

The Kiss & Fly approach is a secure means of officializing an existing practice, which saw vehicles stopped two and three across all along the access roads in front of the airport. It also provides a welcome alternative to the saturated short-duration parking areas during the vacation period.

As work to renovate the viaduct and the platforms progresses, changes to the access roads to the airport will continue to allow room for Kiss & Fly drop-offs. The exact spot may be moved but it will always be clearly indicated.

Emplacement de la zone de dépose-rapide Kiss &Fly