Genève Aéroport inaugurates its solar installation


On Thursday, 23 June 2013, representatives from the worlds of politics, science, industry, and the environment attended the inauguration at the airport of a heat-production installation using the energy from 282 UHV (ultra-high-vacuum) flat solar thermal panels installed on the roof.

Heating the buildings of the main terminal at Genève Aéroport in the winter and cooling them in the summer without the use of fossil energy: that is the purpose of the installation recently put in place by Genève Aéroport.
Several months’ work enabled the installation on the roof of some 282 UHV solar thermal panels based on technology developed at CERN and transferred to the company SRB Energy. Piggy-backing on the Spanish industrial Grupo Segura, this start-up markets a Swiss-quality and 100% European high-tech product.
At the same time, the machinery required to make productive use of and convert the energy produced was installed in the main building.
Although the panels can produce heat even without direct sunshine (and therefore also in winter), the unit was able to start production under the first rays of July sunshine.

The high-tech installation was thus inaugurated on Thursday, 27 June 2013 in the presence of numerous representatives from the worlds of politics, science, industry, and the environment.
Gathered in one of the lounges of the Altitude restaurant overlooking the terminal roofs, the guests were able to contemplate Europe’s largest solar roof that uses UHV technology.

By way of a reminder, Genève Aéroport is a government-owned corporation that pursues an environmental policy with a major energy component under which airport management attaches special importance to the moderation of its infrastructure, the efficiency of its installations, and a constant growth of the consumption of renewable energy resources.

UHV solar panels provide high output at a high temperature. Their special feature lies in the quality of the vacuum that is created inside the panel and the technology developed to sustain it over time using highly effective getter pumps.
The 282 elements installed on the roofs of Genève Aéroport will heat to 130° C a fluid that will feed a district heating network.

Those interested in the technological aspects of this scientific and industrial venture can watch the film produced by Genève Aéroport on the manufacture of these panels, by clicking on the following link: