Genève Aéroport - a powerful new corporate identity


With its new brand name, "Genève Aéroport" wishes to reflect the many changes now in progress, whether in terms of infrastructures, commercial strategy or aviation products. This corporate identity, capitalising on the reputation and good name of Geneva while emphasising its local roots, should permit the airport to pursue its development while projecting a more modern, dynamic and top-of-the-range image.

Following on from a large scale programme of modernisation and expansion works, major new projects will soon be giving Geneva airport a further new look. Meanwhile, significant success has been achieved recently with the growth of scheduled flights (especially long-haul) and the arrival of new airlines. Finally, the management has established a more customer-oriented approach to its clientele and the quality of service.

All of these changes now in progress have helped to modify the perception of the airport by its passengers, the airline companies, business partners and the general public. All of these aspects have reinforced the need to define a new visual and graphic corporate identity, the old logo, created more than 15 years ago, having clearly reached the end of the line.

Against this background, a design competition was launched in the autumn of 2010, inviting entries from short-listed communication agencies in the region. After two creative phases, a final selection was made by an in-house committee on the basis of a multi-criterion evaluation grid. The whole of the process of creating the new graphic identity was completed within the CHF 30'000 budget allocated to the project.

The new corporate identity clearly reflects a top-of-the-range positioning of the airport and a stress on the aspects of quality and rigour. The foregrounding of the name of Geneva permits us to capitalise on the international reputation of the city and its openness to the world.

The resolute choice of French for the logo denotes attachment to the culture and values of French-speaking Switzerland, while at the same time remaining easily understandable abroad.

The general aesthetic impact of this logo is evocative of elegance and sobriety, the strength of the capital letters affirming the positioning of the company in relation to a more demanding standard. More modern, it will be easier not only to read but also to apply to different media. The finishing touch is the accent  over the central E, almost like a brush stroke, sweeping gradually from light to dark blue, reinforcing the sense of elegance and fluidity and conjuring up various interpretations – Geneva's jet d'eau, an aircraft coming in to land or even a ski slope.

Due to be inaugurated officially today, 18 April 2011, the new logo, created by Atelier Vincent Zuppinger, will be applied to all of the company's main media by the end of the year.