Genève Aéroport had an excellent 2011


Genève Aéroport ended the 2011 financial year on a turnover of more than 344 million francs, enabling it to generate a record profit of over 64 million francs, half of which goes to the State of Geneva.

François Longchamp, Chairman of the Board, and Robert Deillon, Managing Director of Genève Aéroport, unveiled the financial results for 2011 at a press conference on Tuesday, 24 April 2012.

With 13.1 million passengers (up 10.5% over 2010), Genève Aéroport saw record traffic that boosted the results of the 2011 financial year to over and above the forecasts.

In the end, the accounts of the autonomous public institution were closed on a turnover of 344.8 million francs, enabling the airport to generate a net profit of 64.6 million francs. Half of these profits - 32.3 million francs - will go to the State of Geneva.

The increase in passenger numbers in 2011 had a positive impact on the airport’s business activities (shops, restaurants, car parks, etc.). It should be emphasised in this regard that the opening of an arrivals duty free shop at arrivals, from 1 June 2011, helped to offset the deleterious effects of the strong franc on the purchasing power of foreign customers.

The turnover coming from Passenger and landing fees also rose. All in all, Genève Aéroport maintains a good balance between aeronautical revenues (50.5%) and non-aeronautical revenues (49.5%).
Investments increased to 67 million francs, while debt fell.

These excellent results reflect the good economic, financial and tourist health of the Swiss cantons and French departments that make up the airport’s catchment area. They also confirm the validity of the airport management’s commercial and marketing positioning, and its ability to control costs.

Genève Aéroport’s results improved for all types of aviation and for all segments of its activity, and benefited many airlines without favouring any one in particular: this confirms the analysis on the basis of which it can be said that the steady growth of the past few years is taking place on solid structural foundations.