Draw the airport of your dreams: vote for the most beautiful drawing!


This summer, Genève Aéroport organized a drawing competition for young passengers. And now, net surfers can nominate their favourite illustration. Visit the airport’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/aeroport.geneve

After the drawing competition organized by Genève Aéroport this summer, selection time is here. The jury has met and chosen the best drawings. The choice was not an easy one: over 1,500 pages had been dropped into the urns set up for the purpose in the boarding lounges.

The jury selected eight drawings that will be displayed for 16 days on Genève Aéroport’s Facebook page. The budding artist who created the illustration that received the most "likes" will win a watch.
The theme of the competition was: "The airport of your dreams!". Passengers born in or after 2000 could give free rein to their imagination, but with one major constraint - the time allowed: they could create their drawing only while waiting for their plane, after passing through the security checks.

Alongside the selection by the web surfers, the jury will pick from among all the drawings received the five best illustrations from the 2000-2004 age group, and the five best children born in and after 2005. These ten youngsters will receive a prize. And the next ten in each age group will receive a consolation prize. In addition, all these drawings will be displayed in the airport and on www.gva.ch.

The results will be announced in a few weeks time.