Engine tests to be moved


Because of works essential to the continuing operation of the airport, the engine tests currently carried out at stand 19 will be done at other dedicated locations, including in the waiting bays on each side of the runway.

Stand 19 is a long-haul stand. However, after more than 40 years use, the paving of all the long-haul stands must be replaced. The work will take until the end of 2014.

Engine tests are essential for verifying the proper operation of jet engines after maintenance work, and also if there has been any damage or a fault. For operational and safety reasons, these operations must be performed at designated locations. Since stand 19 will be unavailable for the whole duration of the works, tests will be carried out at other approved locations on each side of the runway, depending on the direction in which the runway is being used. Engine tests are carried out in accordance with strict regulations, particularly in terms of timing.

Engine tests of aircraft with a wingspan of less than 20 metres will be carried out, now and in future, in the acoustic stand located on the North apron.

It should be noted that a project is under way to build a new acoustic stand on the South apron, in which engine tests of aircraft the size of a Boeing B737 or an Airbus A320 can be conducted.