Rating of Genève Aéroport’s policy on reducing greenhouse gases


Genève Aéroport has been confirmed for the third time as being at airport carbon accreditation level 3.

ACI Europe has just confirmed Genève Aéroport for the third time as being at airport carbon accreditation level 3.
The renewal of this accreditation is in recognition of the sustainability of the measures instituted over the years to limit the greenhouse gas emissions associated with its activities.
It is an official record of the efforts by the airport authorities in action to combat climate change.

As a reminder, Airport Carbon Accreditation is a certification program for greenhouse gas management, consisting of several levels of accreditation.
Level 1 (mapping) requires that an airport establish its carbon footprint, i.e. that the emission sources are identified and annual greenhouse gas emissions are calculated.
At level 2 (reduction), an airport must also set and achieve an emission reduction target.
To reach level 3, an airport must include in its carbon footprint the emissions associated with aircraft (take-off and landing), and with induced traffic (passengers and employees) and business travel.

In 2012, the year in which Genève Aéroport gained the distinction for the first time, the level 3 was a reward for a rigorous process developed as part of our environmental policy. It put Genève Aéroport on the starting line for the last straight leading to the ultimate level: neutrality. This fourth level can be claimed when an airport’s residual emissions are offset and carbon neutrality is achieved.

The confirmation of the level 3 obtained this year is a reward for the efforts sustained over the long term to satisfy these requirements and to continue to work towards neutrality.

Some of the noteworthy initiatives organised by the airport include the installation of systems to supply energy to parked aircraft, the installation of solar roofs, the updating of some technical installations, the purchase of eco-friendly vehicles, and also the promotion of sustainable mobility.