Appointment of two new directors


The Governing Board of Geneva International Airport (GVA) met on 30 April 2010 and confirmed the appointment of the two candidates proposed by the Board  of Directors to fill the two new posts of director for which applications were invited at the end of last year.

Xavier Wohlschlag, a former Swissair captain, responsible for GVA’s Operations Division since January 2004, was officially appointed to the post of Director of operations.

Nicolas Gaspoz, an EPFL Certified Engineer and holder of an MBA from Geneva University, responsible for GVA’s Technical Division since November 2007, was appointed to the post of Director of Infrastructure and Planning.

Mr. Wohlschlag and Mr. Gaspoz jointly succeed Mr. Roger Wüthrich, the former technical and operations chief, who retired at the end of March 2010 after 32 years of service to the Airport.

Doubling up the post and expanding the Board of Directors to four members should enable GVA to meet the new challenges it will be facing and to tackle the demands of reorganizing our structure.

We would like to congratulate the two new directors and wish them every success in carrying out their tasks.