Genève Aéroport's carbon certification renewed


Genève Aéroport has just had its level 3 "Airport Carbon Accreditation" certification renewed until November 2015, for the fourth year in succession.

This certification, introduced by Airport Council International, recognizes and gives credence to the efforts made by airports to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Certification Level 3 (levels are from 1 to 3+) emphasises inter alia the fact that the airport is taking steps to encourage the other actors on the airport site to also reduce their emissions.

Among the measures aimed at all the companies on the site, mention may be made of the Watt Else energy saving program, the tarmac vehicles renewal policy, or the staff mobility plan.

When it was launched in 2009, ACA certification applied only to European airports. It was subsequently extended to the Asia-Pacific region; as of a few weeks back, it now applies to all airports across the world and has become de-facto the world standard for the management of airport greenhouse gas emissions. There are 111 certified airports in the world. Only 22 airports are certified at Level 3, of which 17 are in Europe and five in Asia.