Record number of passengers for the year 2000


Geneva's International Airport (AIG) completed the second millennium with a new air traffic record: In fact, 7,822,117 passengers travelled through AIG in the year 2000, i.e. a 11.4% increase as compared with 1999, the year when, for the first time ever, the 7 million passenger mark was exceeded for the airport's passenger traffic (7,019,852).

This remarkable result, above the European average, is evidence for renewed economic vitality in all the area served by AIG, whether for business or private travel. The increasing share in the airport's traffic taken by the airline EasyJet may also be reported, with nearly one million (952'725) passengers transported in 2000. They are ranked second among the operating airlines, behind those of the Sair Group and their allies.

It is worth noting that this new record number of passengers was obtained with significantly less increase in the number of aircraft movements - a movement means either a landing or a take-off - which amounted to 170,751, including private flights, i.e. a 7.2% increase. This fact is all the more remarkable with respect to noise nuisance control as nearly 90% of the aircraft using the airport belong to those recognized by international standards as being the less noisy.

Finally, it may be stated that Saturday December 30th 2000 was one of the days with the most heavy traffic in the history of Geneva's International Airport, with 40,540 passengers, the absolute record being 42,200