T1+: the "First stone"


On Monday 3 September 2007, the "first stone" was laid for terminal T1+, the lateral extension of the terminal that constitutes the first stage of Geneva International Airport's 2007-2015 master plan.

The purpose of the plan is to handle the predicted growth in air traffic and improve the smooth movement and comfort of passengers; it should also incorporate the future constraints of "One Stop Security" and the application of the Schengen Agreements; finally, it will boost GVA's commercial attractiveness.

The T1+ construction works will last for eighteen months. They will be accompanied by a rearrangement of the restaurant building. The restaurants will be moved  to the third floor of the building, and the other two floors will be reorganised as passenger waiting areas and office space. In a parallel operation, the transit area will be remodelled; in particular, the security check stations will be consolidated into a single area, a move made possible by the "One Stop Security" system. The total works, entirely self-financed by GVA, represent an investment of around sixty million francs.

During a presentation made before the laying of the "first stone", Mr. François Longchamp, State Counsellor and Chairman of the Management Board of GVA, reminded his listeners of the importance of the role of Geneva International Airport in the economic development of Geneva and also of the whole region.

Mr. Robert Deillon, General Manager, stressed in his statement that the rise in passenger traffic for the first half of 2007 was higher than had been projected. By 31 July 2007, 6'526'370 scheduled and charter passengers had passed through the airport - an increase of 8.6% compared with the corresponding period of 2006.

Photo T1+: Messieurs Longchamp, Wuthrich et Deillon (de gauche à droite)

Photo T1+: Messieurs Longchamp et Deillon