New environmental protection measures


From 1 July 1999, the use of auxiliary power units (APUs, GPUs) by planes stopping over at Geneva International Airport is forbidden in the eight parking slots of satellites 30 and 40.

These positions have been equipped with fluid supply systems for the planes – electricity and pre-conditioned air – that render the use of these auxiliary engines superfluous. This is undoubtedly an improvement to the gas and noise pollution situation.

The investment for the realisation of these fluid supply installations was financed out of the Environment Fund fed by anti-noise and anti-gas emission surtaxes. The cost of the work came to over 6 million francs for these eight aeroplane slots.

Airline companies should be pleased about this innovation because the amounts that will be invoiced them for the consumption of these fluids are less than the running costs of the auxiliary engines which the specialists agree have a fairly mediocre energy output.

So now that eight slots have already been equipped with these fluid supply systems, it goes without saying that the installation programme is going to continue with the three jumbo slots with telescopic bridges as well as with the ten slots that will be created in front of the airport building with frontal jetty JF3 followed by the new frontal embarkation halls.

Thus Geneva International Airport continues to implement its environmental programme as defined in the Airport Act and presented in its first Environmental Report that has just been published and can be obtained upon request from the AIG Environmental Division, P.O. Box 100 – 1215 Geneva 15.