New absolute record for passenger traffic in 2005


Geneva International Airport announces:

After having welcomed, on 15 December last, the nine millionth passenger going through Geneva International Airport since the beginning of the year - a new record - the bottom line for Geneva International Airport for 2005 is naturally very positive: 9,411,105 passengers passed through Geneva International Airport last year, providing a rise in traffic of 9.5% compared with 2004. This is of course an absolute record for passenger visits: the previous record was 8,593,225 in 2004.

It should be noted that this result is better than average growth worldwide, which the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) expects to be 5.5%.

It is important to point out that this rise in passenger traffic came about even though the number of commercial aircraft movements (landings and take-offs) rose by only 3.2% - an encouraging result for the environment - and also for airline cost effectiveness, because it reflects higher aircraft load factors.