The first environmental report


On the occasion of the presentation on 18 May 1999 of its Annual Report for 1998, Geneva International Airport unveiled its first "Environmental Report". This is a step that is fully in line with the Airport’s dual ambition as it moves into the XXIst century to offer an attractive and dynamic airport platform that meets the requirements of its customers and its partners, while at the same time controlling the environmental impact by applying the principle of sustainable development.

The law of 10 June 1993 establishing the independent status of Geneva International Airport stipulates that in all its activities account must be taken of environmental protection objectives. The Airport therefore started immediately to examine thoroughly the question of the overall management of environmental issues in an airport setting. That required taking into account the fact that Geneva International Airport is not the only operator on the site, and that 150 entities and companies employing 6,500 people are established there engaged in a wide variety of tasks.

Acting on a mandate from the Consultative Committee to Combat Air Traffic Nuisance, Geneva International Airport commissioned the Environmental Engineering Institute of the Federal Polytechnic College in Lausanne to design an Environmental Management System (EMS) that provides it with a set of principles and procedures to determine the impact of the activities of the whole site on the environment and to identify possible improvements.

Geneva International Airport is of course committed to complying in all domains with domestic or international environmental protection standards. And even, where possible, to exceed them. Among the domains concerned, noise abatement is one of the areas where Geneva International Airport has been working for a long time in conjunction with the Swiss authorities and other airports, keeping ahead of most foreign legislation. The same is true for air and water protection, or the protection of natural habitats.

Geneva International Airport is also pursuing and will continue to pursue a sustained policy on the management of various energy sources, and of waste treatment.

Reliable operation in the framework of sustainable development is the idea behind Geneva International Airport’s Environmental Management System.