Inauguration of a solar power station at Geneva International Airport


Geneva International Airport announces:

On Thursday 6 April 2006, a solar installation was inaugurated at Geneva International Airport, located on the roof of the Large Hangar. It is of the second largest solar-powered installation built on a roof in Switzerland. It was constructed by the owners, the company Edisun Power AG.Installation photovoltaïque

1,650 solar panels, with a surface area of 2,000 m2, were installed on the 5,900 m2 roof of the hangar. The installation, panels and infrastructure have a total weight of 41 tonnes.

Total power output is 280 kW, of which 250 kW are being supplied to the SIG (Geneva’s electricity utility), who are partners in the operation. The remainder is being supplied to the Airport. Expected annual production is 250 MWh. As an example, this is equivalent to the annual consumption of 75 Geneva households.

Edisun Power provided the initiative for the project decision. Geneva International Airport was due to carry out works on the roof of the Large Hangar, which dates back to 1949, and the two operations were thus conducted in concert, under the responsibility of the Airport’s Technical Division.

The power supplied to the Airport will provide more than enough “green” electricity to recharge the Airport’s present ten electric vehicles.

Geneva International Airport had already installed a smaller solar power station on the roof of a technical building. It also has a solar-powered installation providing washroom hot water.