Geneva International Airport rejects SSP/VPOD union assertions


The Geneva public services union (SSP/VPOD) issued a press release today containing a number of assertions about Geneva International Airport (GVA). In response to those assertions we wish to state the following:

First of all, any uncertainty about the difference between Geneva International Airport and the physical airport itself should be cleared up.
For the record, Geneva International Airport is an independent public institution, owned by the State of Geneva, with about 750 salaried employees in 150 different occupations. All have of course the status of members of staff.

The physical airport itself hosts some 160 private companies active in various fields. It goes without saying that GVA management is not in a position to audit, monitor or judge the internal personnel management practices of those independent firms.

Because it is mindful of the working conditions of the employees of the service companies with which it has a contractual relationship, Airport Management requires candidates, when preparing their tender documents, to prove they are covered by a Collective Labour Agreement (CLA) or that they have signed a commitment with the OCIRT to respect current working practices in Geneva.

Furthermore, European law requires that airport managers ensure they do not create a monopoly vis-à-vis their service providers. That is why Geneva International Airport (GVA) has to open the market to multiple companies. And it is Management that ensures that this competition takes place in accordance with labour legislation, ethical principles and the quality of service offered to our passengers.