Geneva International Airport in 2001: strength in the face of turbulence


The Management of Geneva International Airport announces:

When they introduced the Annual Report of Geneva International Airport for 2001 to the press on Tuesday 18 June 2002, Carlo Lamprecht, State Counsellor and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Airport, and Jean-Pierre Jobin, General Manager, noted that despite an exceptionally difficult year for air transport in general, Geneva International Airport had stood up rather well and had demonstrated reassuring solidity and profitability.

Limited drop in passenger traffic

With a 3.6% drop in passenger traffic, compared with an exceptional year in 2000 when passenger numbers had risen by 11.5%, 2001 had proved less bad for Geneva International Airport than for the other national and European airports. Similarly, it had been possible to maintain air services in spite of the turbulence that Swiss aviation had experienced in 2001. The relative stability could be explained by the variety of airlines with a presence on our airport, which was unquestionably a guarantee of independence for Geneva International Airport in serving its catchment region.

Profitability confirmed

By showing a net profit of 25.7 million francs, Geneva International Airport confirmed that it was a healthy undertaking whose revenue structure and cost control enabled it to withstand turbulence. That explained how it had been possible to maintain the major investments under way and why the work on building new frontal departure lounges, scheduled for partial opening in time for TELECOM 2003, had continued as planned. 2001 had also been the year in which 100% inspection of hold baggage had been put in place in July to implement national and international regulations - well ahead of most of the major European airports. Finally, it was to be noted that Geneva International Airport had confirmed its important role in the field of business aviation by hosting, in April 2001, the first meeting of EBACE (European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition), the most important event of its kind in Europe.