Geneva International Airport and the G8 Summit


The management of Geneva International Airport announces :

For four days, Geneva International Airport was host - on arrival and subsequently on departure - to those attending the expanded G8 Summit. The operations ran absolutely smoothly and, it should be noted, without causing any major disruption of commercial air traffic movements.

Throughout the period, unusual safety and security tasks had to be performed, with the vitally important participation of the International Security Police, backed up by Airport Battalion 1 and Confederation and German police officers.

Success would not have been possible without lengthy preparatory work and forward planning, and the very close collaboration of all the official bodies involved: the G8 Secretariat, the Swiss political authorities, the Swiss and French air navigation services, the Swiss and French Air Forces, Airport support agents, and airlines, and also, of course, all the staff of Geneva International Airport. All in all, several thousand men and women involved themselves totally in the operation, and the Management of Geneva International Airport would like to thank them most sincerely.

Finally, the Management of Geneva International Airport would like to pay a tribute to the understanding of the local residents, who endured the nuisances caused particularly by helicopter flights.