Geneva International Airport and the G8 Summit


"The Airport of Summits", Geneva International Airport will once again be true to its slogan by being the aerial front door for all those attending the G8 Summit that will be taking place in Evian from 1 to 3 June 2003.

As soon as the announcement had been made that it had been chosen as the airport for access to the G8, Geneva International Airport stated its desire to continue its commercial operations in the best possible manner during that period.
However, the measures taken by the French and Swiss authorities to ensure maximum air security around the Evian area led Skyguide, the company responsible for air traffic control, to amend the conditions for access by air to Geneva International Airport. One effect of this will be to limit the number of movements (landings or take offs) authorised every hour.

In these circumstances, it is probable that some flights will be delayed, mainly on 31 May, and 1, 2 and 3 June 2003. Some airlines may even have to cancel a few flights. They have undertaken to warn passengers who may have made reservations for those days accordingly. You are nevertheless strongly urged to find out what is happening. The Geneva International Airport web site provides general information and links to the airlines.

Ground access to the airport will be provided by the relevant Geneva authorities. We advise passengers to get to the Airport earlier than usual and to use public transport (CFF, TPG) wherever possible or be dropped off. We would remind you that there is a “green number” - 0800 800 844 - giving all the information available on traffic conditions, and also a web site