Environmental report 2002


The management of Geneva International Airport announces :

Three years after the appearance of its first environmental report, Geneva International Airport is presenting, in a new report submitted on 29 October 2002, an account of its activities in the area of environmental protection for the period 1999-2001, and is announcing its objectives for the period 2002-2004. To that end, Geneva International Airport, and especially its environment and legal affairs department, collaborates closely with the other agencies and companies with a presence on the airport site. The measures taken come at a cost: from 1999 to 2001, Geneva International Airport spent more than 55 million francs on aircraft noise abatement (including CHF 34 million in financial compensation paid to those entitled to it), air pollutant limitation, resource consumption control (energy, water), protection of water, soil, fauna and flora, prevention of major risks, and the management and selective sorting of waste materials. All this was done in the context of the Environmental Management System (EMS), in compliance with current legislation in those various areas, and within acceptable limits having due regard for operational and air-safety requirements.

Furthermore, the renewal of Geneva International Airport’s Federal operating franchise on 31 May 2001 requires a very substantial and very complete environmental impact study of airport activities. The data collected was also used to prepare the measures included among our objectives for the next three years. Over 22 million francs will be invested to implement those measures between 2002 and 2004.

For the longer term, complete integration of environmental concerns into all Geneva International Airport’s processes is planned, with the aim in particular of obtaining ISO 14 001 certification.