In 2008, GVA made a record net profit of 61 mio francs


The 2008 financial report of Geneva International Airport (GVA) shows record net profits of CHF 61 million (18% higher than in 2007) for a turnover of more than CHF 300 million (+7%).

The income statement shows a balance between 49.2% in aeronautical revenue (landing fees, passenger fees, etc.) and 50.7% in non-aeronautical revenue (trading income, State, car parks, etc.).

In 2008, GVA welcomed 11.5 million passengers. Passenger traffic grew by 5.7% and movements (take-offs and landings) by 1.5%. Geneva International Airport maintains a strong mix of commercial, business and light aviation traffic.

Also during 2008, GVA served 128 destinations (101 European and 27 intercontinental) with 53 airlines (38 of them European). The main destinations were Paris, London, Amsterdam, Zurich and Brussels. The major airlines in terms of market share were easyJet (33.6%), Swiss (12.3%), Air France (8.1%), British Airways (6.5%) and Lufthansa (6.3%).

This record-breaking year allows Geneva International Airport to prepare for the future: no less than 86 million francs were invested in the first stage of the Master Plan for 2007-2015, i.e. in the extension of the terminal, the building of satellite 10, and the introduction of the Schengen arrangements.

Robert Deillon, GVA’s CEO, took stock of these investments: "Infrastructure was redesigned so as to be ready for the growth of air traffic in Geneva in the coming years. There was also a need to improve passenger flows and convenience, incorporate future constraints in terms of security, and boost the operations of GVA’s shopping centre."

State Councillor François Longchamp, Chairman of the GVA Board, stressed the need to continue the efforts that had been made since 2005 to expand and modernize the Airport. “If it is to prosper, Geneva and the Lake Geneva region need a dynamic, first-rate airport", he said, when speaking of the investments to be scheduled in the coming months.