GVA winner of the prestigious Eagle Award


Robert Deillon, General Manager of Geneva International Airport (GVA), received the IATA (International Air Transport Association) 2009 Eagle Award prize in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) today.

The Prize was awarded in recognition of GVA's efforts in various fields. First, IATA wanted to reward the efforts of the Geneva Airport authorities on transparency vis-à-vis its partners, who have always been consulted before any decisions are taken and were also kept regularly informed, particularly when there was a need, for example, to adjust charges.

The Award is also in recognition of GVA's policy offensive to keep aircraft maintenance costs at an attractive level, thanks to a healthy balance between aviation and non-aviation revenue.

This IATA distinction awarded to Geneva International Airport is also an endorsement of the investments made in recent months as part of the GVA+ program to modernize and expand the Airport.

In addition, IATA notes the efficiency gains achieved by GVA during the first months of 2009.

Finally, the 2009 Eagle Award serves as recognition of the active environmental policy pursued by Geneva International Airport, which, incidentally, has received other awards in this field.

The opening of new long-haul services from Geneva International Airport finally convinced the 2009 Eagle Awards jury to reward an Airport in the throes of rapid change.

The Eagle Awards Prizes are awarded every year at the time of the annual IATA general meeting and the World air transport summit. The distinctions are presented to airports or air navigation service providers on the recommendation of a panel of independent jurors.

Prix Eagle Award IATA

Eagle Award IATA