The airport is changing down to save more energy!


In 2008, Geneva International Airport set itself the goal of reducing its energy consumption by 1 GWh per year.
A working group called "Objectif 2008" was set up to implement the project.
All staff of the company were invited to suggest ways to achieve savings.

More than 250 proposals from all the staff were studied. The working group adopted some twenty of them that were implemented during the year.

The goals that Geneva International Airport set itself were not only met, but even exceeded. The combined efforts of all  GVA staff enabled savings to be made of 1.2 GWh/year.

With these encouraging results under its belt, GVA is continuing the operation this year by extending it to new measures. In addition to energy savings, special attention will be paid this year to combating wastage.
The energy consumption reduction know-how developed at the Airport will be shared with other companies located on the site, so as to ensure that the whole Airport site is involved in the new objectives defined by the steering committee for the 2009 project.

To thank the staff for their commitment, Airport Management will shortly be giving each of them a low-energy 15W bulb to enable them to replace a traditional 60W bulb at home.

This gesture may be symbolic, but symbols matter. The 700 new generation bulbs will enable individual airport employees to generate further collective savings of some 189'000 kWh - the annual consumption of 54 Swiss households! The momentum generated by the Airport in terms of energy conservation will have a positive impact well beyond the Airport itself.