The Airport activates its anti-pandemic preventive measures


The World Health Organization (WHO) raised the global health alert yesterday to level 5 on a scale of 6.

This level implies that we are seeing “increasingly large clusters”, although "transmission of the virus between humans is still localized.” The virus “is increasingly adapting to human beings", but without being highly transmissible. Level 5 represents a "substantial risk of a pandemic." (Source: Health Action Plan for the canton of Geneva)

The change of the WHO alert level to Phase 5 automatically activates a new phase of the "pandemic" component of Geneva International Airport’s Business Continuity Plan (BCP-P).

We would remind you that this "plan for the continuity of operations”, developed in 2006 specifically to deal with a possible pandemic, is designed to enable Geneva International Airport to keep running. That objective requires in particular that the health of Airport staff (employees, suppliers and partners) is protected. The Airport authorities must also be prepared to handle a possible organization of supplies and planning for continuity of operations.

The Staff of Geneva International Airport’s Business Continuity Plan are therefore meeting for the whole morning to define exactly the plan of measures to be implemented at this stage.

You will be getting a report at about 15:00.
Until then, please do not try to contact us.

Information about influenza is available on the State website.

Please emphasise for the benefit of your readers/listeners/viewers the fact that this level 5 health alert does not automatically mean a transition from epidemic stage to pandemic stage.

We would also like you to know that Geneva International Airport is still working just as usual and that at this stage no measures are being applied to passengers as yet.