Convention of 25 April 1956 between France and Switzerland


Swiss Confederation – Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation
French Republic – Civil Aviation Directorate

Convention of 25 April 1956 between France and Switzerland
concerning the development of Geneva International Airport
20th meeting of the Franco-Swiss Joint Commission

On Thursday 30 October 2003, the 20th meeting of the Franco-Swiss Joint Commission instituted by the 1956 Convention on Geneva International Airport was held in Geneva. The meeting, which was co-chaired by Mr. Marcel Zuckschwerdt, vice-director of the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA), and Mr. Michel Wachenheim, General Manager of the French Civil Aviation Directorate (DGAC), took place in an excellent spirit of cross-border cooperation.

It enabled various items to be addressed:

  • it approved the essential measures to be taken, in relation to Ferney-Voltaire forest, to ensure compliance with the aeronautical encumbrances imposed to ensure the operating safety of the single main runway, and took note of the project to redevelop the forested area.
  • It approved Geneva International Airport’s voluntary financial participation in a system to allow the soundproofing of French housing near to the airport with, in the longer term, a perimeter consistent with the limits of the future NEP (Noise Exposure Plan), an enquiry into which would be initiated immediately; the measure should affect several hundred houses and flats.
  • both parties stated their common desire to reduce significantly the harmful effects caused by light aviation; they took note of Geneva International Airport’s undertakings to limit training flights considerably and to monitor strict compliance with flight paths; the Commission set up a technical unit co-chaired by the General Manager of Geneva International Airport and the Sub-Prefect of Gex, in which representatives of the Swiss and French communes concerned would also take part, to propose and define the operational procedures for implementation of those undertakings; the unit would meet before the end of 2003.

After the meeting of the Commission, the second meeting of the Franco-Swiss Consultation Committee was held, attended by, in addition to the members of the Joint Commission, a representative team of the main elected officials and chief officers of Swiss and French local residents’ associations, and also representatives of the economic community with Airport-related interests.