An innovative airport strategy for Geneva International Airport


The Management of Geneva International Airport announces:

Following the meeting of its Management Board on Thursday, 22 April 2004, Geneva International Airport decided to present its new innovative airport strategy. The principle of a new strategy had been decided on at an earlier meeting of the Board on 12 December 2003, which had given the green light for a study by the Airport Management of the new strategic orientation, which has several aims:

  • to enhance the attractiveness of Geneva and of its surrounding region;
  • to maintain the financial balance of the Airport so as to guarantee its future;
  • to take into account the evolution of air transport.

To that end, Geneva International Airport intends to focus its efforts in two areas:

First, to build the loyalty of established or new airlines: airlines that take on long-term contractual commitments with the Airport (minimum 3 years, maximum 5 years) will be able to take advantage of rebates based on their traffic growth. The rebates, which could be as high as 40%, will be paid to the airlines by the GENEVA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT from the annual amount of passenger taxes collected (excluding the security charge).

Then, like those airlines that still segment their services (2 to 3 classes on board the aircraft, multiple tariffs, etc.), the Airport also intends to segment its airport services, and hence the resulting tariffs. There will thus be the current range on offer with the main terminal (T1) on the one hand and, on the other hand, the old terminal (T2) refitted for simplified aviation, with traditional and "low cost" airlines alike able to take advantage of the arrangements, within the limits of available capacity. It was in that spirit that the Management Board authorised the Airport Management to launch a "project tender" for the use of terminal T2, where the passenger tax will be CHF 14.- (including the same CHF 8.- security charge as at terminal T1). Responses to the project tender must reach the Airport by the end of June 2004; the decision on whether the project will be implemented or not will then be made in July 2004, for a possible commissioning of terminal T2 in November 2005.

Finally, because of the commissioning of its new installations in terminal T1, particularly the new frontal departure lounges, which will be fully operational on 21 December 2004, Geneva International Airport is raising its passenger tax by CHF 3.-, bringing it up to CHF 22.-. The security charge included in that total (CHF 8.-) remains unchanged. The usual consultation procedures have of course been initiated, and the new passenger tax - which is still broadly competitive with that of other Swiss and European airports - should come into effect on 1 September 2004.