Swiss airports in 2007


Switzerland’s seven main airports welcomed 36.07 million passengers last year, 8% more than in the previous year. Zurich and Geneva alone accounted for almost 31.5 million of them.

Once again, of the three main airports, Geneva International Airport (GVA) saw the strongest growth with a rise of 9% in local and transit passengers to 10.73 million, the Federal Statistical Office (FSO) reported on Friday.

Zurich-Kloten, for its part, saw an increase of 7% to 20.72 million. Basle-Mulhouse took third place with an increase of 6% to 4.24 million local and transit passengers.

Trailing well behind comes Lugano-Agno, with passenger numbers up by 1% to 186'764. In fifth place comes St-Gall Altenrhein airport and its 99'000 passengers (+1%). St-Gall generates its traffic primarily with flights to the Austrian capital Vienna for the inhabitants of Vorarlberg.

In sixth place we see Berne-Belp airport, where passenger numbers fell by 10% to 88'961. Sion had some 33'000 passengers, up by 12%, according to a spokesman from that civil airport. It may be noted that Sion airfield also serves as one of the country’s main military airfields, to the great displeasure of the local inhabitants and tourist areas bothered by the noise pollution that this activity generates.

Of the 36.07 million passengers in total, 2.24 million were accounted for by charter traffic, which was down by 9% compared with 2006. The statistics take separate account of the number of transit passengers (those who remain in the aircraft during short stopovers), which was down by 34% to almost 269'000.