AIG in 2000 : a record end of century


Geneva International Airport announces:

On Thursday last, May 31st 2001, in presenting Geneva's International Airport (AIG) Yearly Report for the Year 2000 to the Press, Messrs. Carlo Lamprecht, President of Geneva's Conseil d'Etat (State Council) and Chairman of the Board, and Jean-Pierre Jobin, Managing Director, laid emphasis on the fact that AIG had completed the Twentieth Century under the keynote of records.

Record number of passengers

With a transit of 7,826,303 passengers in 2000, this is an absolute record for Geneva's International Airport, with a 11.5% increase in traffic over 1999, when, for the first time ever, the 7 million passenger mark had been exceeded.
This growth, well beyond the average for the other European airports (7.9%), is obtained with significantly less increase in the number of aircraft movements (take-offs and landings) (7.2%), which means an increase in the average number of transported passengers per flight.
The prevailing sound economical situation in Switzerland and throughout Europe, as well as the increasing share of traffic taken by EasyJet Switzerland may explain this excellent result.
With more than one million passengers in 2000 (1,069,644), the latter airline now has the second market share at AIG, right behind Swissair (26.8%), but way ahead of British Airways (9.1%), Air France (7.7%), Lufthansa (6.8%) and Crossair (5.7%). As for destinations, London is ranked first with 1,444,000 passengers, ahead of Zurich (913,000), Paris (734,000), Frankfurt (322,000) and Brussels (266,000).

Record profits

This strong boost in passenger traffic naturally means proportionally increased air and business revenues. By having better control over the slightly lower operating costs, and in the absence of extraordinary charges in 2000, Geneva's International Airport made a net profit of 42.4 million CHF, which is an absolute record. Remember that half of this
profit is paid to the State (Canton) of Geneva.

Adaptation work continues

The year 2000 was marked by the commissioning of the West Aisle on Tuesday June 20th, first step in the adaptation plan adopted by the AIG's Board in March 1995.
A "Discovery Day" organized on Saturday June 17th was an opportunity for the general public to visit these new departure rooms connected through glass gangways, in front of which five aircraft may be parked,. In November, the adjoining Operations Building was also commissioned. A month later, the connecting building provided with an extra aircraft location in turn became operational. And a few weeks later, work begun on building the new front departure rooms (NSEF), which will gradually be introduced until 2004, but the majority of them will be ready for TELECOM 2003. So, Geneva's International Airport is still being "upgraded" to meet progression in passenger traffic, both quantitatively and qualitatively.