2008 Environmental Report: results and objectives


For the past ten years, Geneva International Airport has been taking measures in the context of an Environmental Management System that includes provision for an assessment at regular intervals of the measures taken to implement its Environmental Policy, and for setting the objectives to be pursued for the next three years.

This time, GVA’s General Manager Robert Deillon told his audience that Geneva International Airport "takes to heart and allocates major resources to" the "imperative need to limit environmental impacts, in particular for people living nearby".

Marc Mounier, head of GVA’s environment and legal affairs division, said that environmental action was an integral part of GVA’s activity and also of its projects; the same was true for the agreements concluded by the Airport with its partners on the site.

To that end, for more than two decades Geneva International Airport had been applying environmental surcharges that encouraged airline movements to and from Geneva using fleets of planes with the best environmental performance. The income from the surcharges went into an "Environment Fund" that helped to finance the measures taken to preserve the environment.

There was a long list of measures taken by GVA and its partners in many domains, particularly noise abatement and protection of the air; efforts were also being made to limit traffic generated by the Airport - the movement of passengers and staff - and to reduce energy consumption, preserve the quality of water, the natural environment and soil, and prevent major risks.

For more details of the measures, we invite you to visit the www.gva.ch/environnement website. The objectives set for the period 2008-2010 affect every domain. They aim, for example, to limit the noise emissions associated with Airport operations, cut gaseous and fine particles emissions from vehicles operating on the Airport, increase the use of sustainable modes of transport for passengers and staff, improve energy efficiency while cutting CO2 emissions, and encourage better sorting of waste.