2005 balance sheet: an airport in excellent health


When presenting Geneva International Airport’s annual Report for 2005 to the press on Thursday, 1 June 2006, François Longchamp, State Councillor and Chairman of the Airport’s Management Board, and Robert Deillon, General Manager, were able to announce their satisfaction with the airport’s good health, at the end of a year in which, for the first time, the number of passengers passed the nine million mark while, on the financial side, net profits were up on those of the previous year.

With an annual growth in passenger traffic of 9.5%, Geneva International Airport is showing better results than the European and world average. More than 9.4 million passengers passed through the Airport, a result achieved as a result of the opening up of new destinations, particularly by the “low cost“ airlines, but also thanks to the results of the major “network“ carriers, which saw their traffic grow. It is worth noting that the proportional increase in the number of commercial movements was considerably lower (+ 3.6%), which is doubly useful: not much of an increase in noise and other pollution, and better aircraft load factors, which means greater profitability for the airlines. Freight, for its part, increased slightly (+2.9%) for the third year in a row.

On the financial side, aeronautical and non-aeronautical income rose, thanks particularly to the rise in passenger traffic. Non-aeronautical income, it may be noted, now accounts for 52.3% of total turnover, an increase compared with 2004 (51.8%), which made it possible to maintain aeronautical (passenger and landing) charges at their current level, which is liked by passengers and by the airlines.

As to the first five months of 2006, passenger traffic is still rising: more slowly (+ 5.3%), it is true, but ahead of the projections on which this year’s budget was based.