The 8,000,000th passenger of 2003 at Geneva International Airport


Geneva International Airport announces:

On Tuesday 30 December 2003, Geneva International Airport warmly welcomed its eight millionth passenger for 2003, which is an absolute record in its history.

That passenger was Mrs. Angélique Curdy, of Annemasse, who was leaving for a week-end in Budapest with the Hungarian airline Malev. For Malev, which has been flying twice a day between Budapest and Geneva International Airport since July, Mrs. Curdy was the 20’000th passenger who had travelled on that route!

In 2000, 7,826,303 travellers passed through Geneva International Airport, the previous absolute record. The various events of 2001 caused a drop in passenger numbers, but traffic took off again in 2002 with a final count of 7,618,430 passengers. The improvement in 2003 is therefore about 6%, which is higher than the average for other European airports. This remarkable result is undoubtedly a reflection of the economic vitality of the whole region of the French-speaking cantons and neighbouring France.

There were certainly many world-class events that took place this year in Geneva: TELECOM 2003, for example, and the World Summit on the Information Society helped to boost the rise in traffic.

Taking a peep back into the past, we note that in 1920, when Geneva International Airport first opened, 534 passengers - the equivalent of one of today’s “jumbo jets” - passed through it during its first year of commercial operation. It was not until 1961 that passenger numbers passed the one million a year mark. The two million point was reached in 1968, when the present terminal was commissioned, four million in 1976, five in 1985, six in 1994, and seven million in 1999.

And so, since its inauguration, the Airport has seen more than two hundred million passengers pass through its gates!