Geneva International Airport’s latest take-off is official!


Mr. François Longchamp, Chairman of the Board, and Mr. Robert Deillon, Managing Director of Geneva International Airport (GVA), officially inaugurated the new facilities of the main terminal on Monday, 26 October 2009.

The symbolic ribbon cutting took place in the presence of Chiara Simoneschi-Cortesi, Chair of the National Council, and Moritz Leuenberger, Federal Counsellor responsible for the Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC).

"The airport is the economic lung of the region. Its modernization, which is just beginning here, is essential for our prosperity and for our status as an international city", said Francois Longchamp.

This inauguration marks the culmination of three years of diligent work under the GVA+ program. Scheduled in the Master Plan for 2006-2015, the main goal of the program was to expand and modernize the terminal. Its aim was to optimize the service offered to passengers and to the Airport's partners and users.

"As a result of the work done, Geneva International Airport can continue to handle an increase in passenger volume over the next few years. It will also be able to meet the new requirements it faces in terms of safety, security, and new services", Robert Deillon also pointed out.

The remodelling work alone on the terminal inaugurated this morning required investments of around one hundred million francs. The total investments made over this period in various projects amount to some 250 million francs.

The total area of Geneva International Airport has increased by 40%

Among the main achievements, the following should be noted:

On the arrivals level: the creation of an area to accommodate the car rental agencies and a food and last-minute necessities shop, and also bars and restaurants on a variety of complementary themes that are a component of Geneva International Airport’s desire to open up to the City.

On the check-in level: the creation of 13 additional counters and a new baggage sorting facility. These facilities will improve passenger flows and enable GVA to cope with the increased traffic expected in the coming years.

On the departures level: the creation of a centralized security control point (CSC) that groups all the screening points in a single location. This major facility will change substantially the habits of passengers leaving Geneva.

A considerable effort has been made In the public and secure areas to help the shops and food outlets there. The facilities have been redesigned to satisfy the needs of the three essential components of the Airport. First and foremost, the effort is focussed on users (passengers, visitors, staff), who are offered targeted products and services and the higher quality of service they expect. The commercial services on offer were also designed to serve the interests of the Airport itself, which derives much of its revenue from commercial earnings, which finance its investments. Finally, new specifications were also developed to serve the interests of the lessees entrusted with the management of the areas.

The end of these major works to expand and modernize the terminal is an important step in the schedule of other projects to be carried out by the end of the Master Plan for 2006-2015., GVA Management is already working on the master plan for 2016-2025.

Photo de l'inauguration

Photo de l'inauguration

Photo de l'inauguration

Photo de l'inauguration avec M. Leuenberger

Photo cérémonie de l'inauguration