AIG welcomes 7 million passengers in 1999!


Last Thursday, 30 December 1999, Geneva International Airport welcomed its seven millionth passenger for 1999 - an all-time record for the Airport. The passenger in question was Mme. Natacha Putallaz, from Essertine-sur-Rolle in the Canton of Vaud, who was met and congratulated by the Airport’s Director-General, M. Jean-Pierre Jobin, as she was preparing to board Swissair flight 138 to New York.

In 1998 Geneva International Airport welcomed 6,490,968 passengers. The new record therefore represents an increase of approximately 8% on the previous year, which is higher than the average increase recorded at the other European airports. This remarkable result undoubtedly reflects the economic vitality of the entire region - both the French-speaking cantons of Switzerland and the neighbouring part of France.

The increase in the number of passengers is partly attributable, of course, to the overall increase in air traffic, but it is also due to the additional charter flights laid on from the beginning of this year for the TELECOM 99 trade fair as well as the contribution made by the flights of the Geneva-based company easyJet Switzerland.

Finally, taking a glance at history, we see that Geneva International Airport, which opened in 1920, welcomed 534 passengers in 1922, its first year of commercial operation. It was necessary to wait until 1961 before the Airport welcomed one million passengers a year for the first time. The airport reached the two million mark in 1968, three million in 1971, four million in 1976, five million in 1985 and six million in 1994. Since the Airport’s opening a total of more than 172 million passengers have passed through its doors!