1998 – A Record Year!


1998 was a record year for Geneva International Airport if the provisional traffic figures are anything to go by: no fewer than 6,490,901 passengers passed through its doors. The previous record year was 1995 -- ‘Telecom Year’ -- when 6,266,911 people used the Airport. The 1998 figure shows a 5.1% increase on 1997, when the figure was 6,178,705. As for aircraft movements (interpreted as either a take off or a landing), these showed a slight increase of 1.4% on 1997, producing a figure for the whole year of 151,516 compared with 149,450 in 1997.

It should be noted that, since it was first opened to commercial traffic in 1922, Geneva International Airport has welcomed (up to 31 December 1998) some 165,079,917 passengers, thanks to 5,385,656 aircraft movements!

1998 should also be an excellent one in financial terms, as receipts in the order of 150 million CHF should produce a net profit of over 10 million CHF, compared with a budgetary forecast of only 7 million CHF. We should bear in mind that half this profit will be handed over to the State of Geneva under the Airport Law.

1999 too seems to have got off to a tremendous start. On Saturday 2 January, Geneva International Airport was host to 38,527 passengers, the second busiest day in the Airport’s history after 11 March 1989, when 38,841 passengers used the Airport. Almost 20,000 of these passengers were on charter flights heading to or returning from French, Swiss or Italian ski resorts. As more than 25,000 passengers were expected on Sunday 3 January, this means that almost 65,000 passengers will have used the Airport by the end of this weekend. And if we include in our calculation the people meeting them and, of course, the Airport’s employees, then 100,000 people will have passed through its doors on 2 and 3 January!