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  • Bond issuance of Genève Aéroport

    On 30 August 2017, Geneva Airport launched a first bond issue with a volume of CHF 175 million for a coupon of 0.4% and a term of 10 years (due on 20 September 2027). On June 4, 2019, Geneva Airport re-launched a second bond with a volume of CHF 100 million, a coupon of 0.31% and a 10-year maturity (maturity date: June 27, 2029). A third bond was issued on 28 April 2020. The CHF 300 million bond offers a coupon of 1.050% over three years (due on 26 May 2023). A fourth bond was issued on 18 February 2021 with a volume of CHF 180 million, a coupon of 0.95% and a ten-year term (maturity date 25 March 2031).  A fifth issue was successful on 25 August 2022 with a volume of CHF 100 million, a coupon of 2.20% and a term of four years (maturing on 22 September 2026). This issue will enable Geneva Airport to implement its treasury strategy.

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  • Traffic Evolution

    All figures from 2001 to date on traffic evolution (passengers and movements) are available under the heading “Statistics”.