«Notre Aéroport, mon histoire»: 100 years of bold decisions shown through photos and videos


To mark its centenary anniversary, Genève Aéroport is publishing « 100 ans, Genève Aéroport ». This commemorative book looks back on 100 years of bold decisions through previously unseen images, archive videos and texts. Ten chapters look at the runways and the infrastructure, the stars and the pioneers in aviation, and the heads of state who have passed through the airport over the decades. The 160-page book will be on sale from 20 February in French-speaking bookshops and online.

In addition to the printed work, readers can immerse themselves in the history of the airport by scanning 17 images marked with the play symbol using Genève Aéroport’s GVApp, to discover the very first flights by the Dufaux brothers, the changes to the runway surface, the air show of 1955 and what happens to luggage from start to finish, as well as relive landmark events such as the snow of 1985, the airport’s 75th anniversary and even the arrival of the Pope.

On 11 October 1919, the parliament passed legislation, at the Republic and Canton of Geneva level, authorising a budget of 675’000 CHF for the purchase and development of the land. This avant-garde political move resulted in the inception of Genève Aéroport, one of the oldest airports in the Old Continent. That year, the League of Nations decided to set up its headquarters in Geneva, which became operational from 1920. International Geneva has since been closely connected to the airport’s development, thanks to bold decisions made by visionaries.

Composed for the most part of images, « the book marking the centenary pays tribute to the history of the airport’s development. The focus is on photography, thanks to archive material and our collaboration with Fondation Autrefois Genève. Honouring memory, the book is, and will remain for many years, a special work », wrote André Schneider, Director General of the airport in the preface.The commemorative book will be printed in 3800 copies and be on sale from 20 February in French-speaking bookshops and K Kiosks at Genève Aéroport. It can also be ordered online.

« 100 ans, Genève Aéroport », published by Slatkine, 160 pages. On sale in bookshops and online.